Monday, August 9, 2010

More stitchin and less bitchin...

It's been a while since I posted; mainly because I have had nothing to bitch about. Family life is busy as we are making the most of this really nice weather and I've been trying to do my best impersonation of being a crafty momma. I am attempting to re do our spare room in a black and white them by using as much as our own stuff and not buying anything new. I'm all about re-using and re-purposing. Trying to environmentally friendly as well as cheap. Truth be told I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago and spent a bit more than I should have on clothes but I was in desperate need of new things now that I am back to my pre baby weight! Can I get a yeah baby?
So long story short I've been busy trying to clean and organize my home and haven't had a lot of time to blog.
Time flies. :)

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  1. Hey mama! I came to your blog through MBC's AP group! I love your blog, and I can definitely relate to this post! I am normally committed to sewing my own clothes and the kids', or buying used. But I went crazy in the sales this month and spent a lot of money! I did get some beautiful stuff though!

    What did you buy? :)

    I will be back to check your blog again!