Friday, July 16, 2010

I love crafty chicks who share....

I love all those crafty chicks who make amazing stuff out of some pretty basic material. I especially love that they  post step by step instructions with some photos for those of us not so crafty chicks. Then I think to myself...self, you are crafty, you learned to embroider in the 8th grade and made a fantastic Peanuts pillow, you made your own apron in the 9th grade and heck you painted your child's bedroom. Not sure I am ready to make my own curtains yet but I have an overwhelming urge to make an owl themed pillow out of felt for my son's room. Not sure what the kick is with owls and felt lately but it's there and I can't shake it. Felt seems to be calling my name. With that in mind, I stumbled (and not sure how I got to amazing blogspot) but I found hand made little kiwi's from felt. Aren't these adorable? So perfect for little hands and not made from plastic...hooray. I love clean, simple, imaginative toys for my dude. What a great idea for my first crafty project. I found this photo and idea from a blog called "Craftiness in not optional" and what a great blog. There are tutorials for making broccoli, green beans and even pizza. So excited to go and get some felt. I feel my mad money burning a hole in my wallet! I'll attempt this and share how it goes; disaster or not!


  1. I also would love to be more crafty. I get really intimidated when I read other's blogs and they are making such amazing things, it makes me think 'I could never do THAT' but mostly I am happy with the things I can make and I can always learn more.

    That is a cool tutorial for felt food, I wish you lucky with your crafty adventure!

  2. aw thanks for the shout out, and I'm glad you like the kiwis, they were so fun to make, and easy to boot! I'm all about the easy!

    Jess :D