Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I want a Britax Car Seat...seriously, have you seen these? They are the Cadillac of car seats and there are a few of my fellow mommy bloggers who are giving one away...hooray!

Visit My Organized Chaos for your chance to win one as well:

They are really beautiful! Visit and read the review, it's great.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cloth Diapering Lesson 101

Every parent makes the decision to cloth diaper or not to cloth diaper. Is is possible to do a bit of both? Does it make us "environmentally un-friendly"?
When we found out we were going to have a baby we decided we would use cloth. Where to start? We are so very fortunate as we knew of an online store (now a retail store as well) called Nurtured. There are so many details and so much to learn about cloth diapering, this is definitely a great place to start. We opted for the Bum Genius pocket diaper and overall are quite happy with them. We have a dozen of them (cost was under $300) and we are quite happy with them. I tried to use them 100% percent of the time but that was unrealistic for us. Other than doing all the laundry, sometimes, you just want to grab a diaper and go. For example, its much easier for trips to my parents to use disposables.

Additionally, I prefer disposable diapers for overnight. Everyone's experience is different but we found that we use cloth about 65% of the time. We were given a few other pocket diapers and a few of the Kushies to use with mixed reviews. We much prefer the pocket diapers.

I used to spend lots of time scrubbing and rinsing and then I thought I'll try just throwing them in the wash and I was so happy as they come out as good as new. We have never had a problem with staining or whatnot. One time I just threw out an entire liner as it was more trouble to wash it...it was really full of sticky poo and I wasn't interested in even trying. Call me lazy but I wasn't going to go there, sometimes you just know when to throw in the towel.

As we used all the diapers over the course of the past several months the pros and cons become clear:

Bum Genius:

The Bum Genius are quite absorbent, poo is easy to rinse from the liner and there is no staining. They fit from 10 lbs to his current 28 lbs, one size really does fit all. They come in a wide range of colors. Boy, Girl and Unisex. All in one diaper, no cover required. The Bum Genius wash and wear like rags; we throw them in the wash and then in the dryer...no fuss, no mess, just flush the poop and off you go.
I find the velcro are easy for my son to take off his own diaper and on occasion the velcro has stuck to the carpet when my son rolled over on his belly. The velcro has also bent back a bit and can trap bits of poo.
Often have to purchase on-line.


About half the price of the Bum Genius, easy to find as they are often sold at many large retailers. They come in a variety of patterns and colors. Waterproof exterior so no diaper cover is needed.
We didn't find them as absorbent as the others, they did not fit as well and they stained quite easily. Ours were already used by one family so that may have had an effect on their life cycle.

Overall, based on our experience I would have to say the Bum Genius are the Buzz Worthy choice.

Yet again...Baby Gates Recalled

Click here for the story. It's appalling the amount of product recalls we are having lately. Our stork craft crib has had two separate recalls...two! Are you kidding me? This is where my child is supposed to be safe, where he sleeps. I guess this is what happens when products are made cheaply for maximum profit.

What to take to the hospital?

As our due date approached we were happily out shopping for our gear for the baby's room as well as gear to take to the hospital. We were given lists by friends as well as the hospital and in the end we had a suitcase and a duffel bag to bring with us! It was way too much stuff! Every hospital and every parent is different but we found there were only a few things we absolutely needed.

For Mommy: we packed a headband and small bag of toiletries (brush, tooth brush/paste/floss, shampoo, conditioner and soap) jogging pants and sweater and socks to wear home. I had packed a housecoat and slippers...not necessary. Our room had its own heater so the room was more than warm and I didn't leave the room for days so no need for slippers or the housecoat. Our hospital provides the johnny shirts and those were roomy and comfy. Ugly but comfy. You may want to bring your own but these are so much more comfy and have snaps at the top so designed well for those who are planning on nursing.

For Daddy: Cell phone/blackberry to write down all the details of what happened when...mommy was too wiped out and drugged up to remember anything. A camera...don't depend on someone else bringing one in, those first few moments happen so fast, take some pictures. Clean undies and another t-shirt. Daddy was also clever enough to bring a small dvd player and a few movies...its often a long evening and a movie is a nice way to pass a few of the wee morning hours. I didn't sleep much but what new mom does?

For Baby: Two outfits; just in case one doesn't fit so well for going home, a hat, a blanket and car seat. We brought bottles and soothers and diapers and half a dozen changes of clothes. He was swaddled the whole time in the hospital and wore only an undershirt. You can dress them everyday in a new outfit if you want but we wanted to do as much "skin to skin" as possible so he wore an undershirt onesie and that was it. Too much dressing and undressing makes most babies fussy. We had some of our own diapers as well but many hospitals do have the essentials.

So pack lightly, people will often bring presents to the hospital and that's more stuff to carry home.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Having a baby has changed my life in ways I cannot imagine; life is different while pregnant and continues to change 1000 percent since our son came into our world.

Hello out there

First post-I've been blogging off and on for a while and I've discovered a love of writing! Writing about my past, my present and my future. In the past few years, I've started a business or two, I've moved, and the most spectacular; I've had a child. I feel as though I've learned 1001 things and if I don't share them I may explode. Every experience is different, here are some of mine. Welcome to Buzz Buzz Moo Moo...why that title? I am very busy woman who is always on the go yet I am still breastfeeding so there are more days than not that's how I feel. Buzz Buzz Moo Moo